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Music Is Back

Due to some tech problems, music preview was not available for some time. From now on music preview is back as usual on the “Projects” sub-pages. My apologies for inconvenience. Enjoy!

Satoshi Rei Band @ Koffiehuis KHL Amsterdam

Saturday, 17 October 2009, 22:00
Oostelijke Handelskade 44
1019 BN Amsterdam
An exceptional multi-instrumental player, Satoshi Rei is most known for her skills with Asian instruments such as the “Yueqin” (Asian lute), “Ruan”, “Sha-Mi-Sen”, guitar and Lap steel guitar. In Japan, her music has been featured in various television commercials, as well as videos and as a beautiful […]

dK Podcast – Episode 1-3

Hello everyone! Time has come for our first podcast, herewith you can listen to it, download it and share it. This first episode is a release of our sessions titled “Three stooges of beastie worms in a spiral movement towards the hot center of the Earth, looking for the balance in the universe”, and it […]