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Satoshi Rei Band @ Koffiehuis KHL Amsterdam

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Saturday, 17 October 2009, 22:00

Oostelijke Handelskade 44
1019 BN Amsterdam

An exceptional multi-instrumental player, Satoshi Rei is most known for her skills with Asian instruments such as the “Yueqin” (Asian lute), “Ruan”, “Sha-Mi-Sen”, guitar and Lap steel guitar. In Japan, her music has been featured in various television commercials, as well as videos and as a beautiful backdrop at various events. To date, Satoshi Rei has released 6 CDs (2 as part of a rock band, 1 as part of Asian Music Project, 2 as a solo artist, 1 as part of improvised music group).

Satoshi Rei has also lived in France (2001) and the Netherlands (2003), where she continued to focus on music. Satoshi Rei continuously asks herself what it means to create/perform sounds as a person rooted in the Far East. Keeping the question as her primary focus, Satoshi Rei has strived to create her unique sounds by fusing the essence of Asia and Western, modern and traditional with her melodies of Asian ethnicity and also with Rock music. Through her works, Satoshi Rei has made an attempt to extract essences of ethnic distinctions and fuse them together. Ultimately, her sounds are driven for not being categorized into any of pre-selected musical style or associated with any ethnic backgrounds. Satoshi Rei also hopes that her sounds manifest protest to what our generation has lost (or is loosing) at the cost of modernization of the society in its recent history.

Satoshi Rei (vocal, guitar & yueqin)
Donnie Duvall (guitar)
Nenad Radosavljevic aka. Ned (bass)

On the following page you can find and listen to the artist’s music: Projects/Satoshi rei band

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