Preview of “D-Time” (2009) by Driftkikker

DRIFTKIKKER is a musical collective led by Daddo, whose iconoclastic songwriting avoids established paths and clichés. From its inception, Driftkikker has introduced a new musical style through the deft fusion of contemporary sounds with a love for jazz. Riding an experimental edge while still soothing through sound, DRIFTKIKKER’s sophomore album, D-Time, stamps this new musical style with directness and honesty.

Name Explanation
Contrary to what the name suggests (driftkikker is Dutch for “someone impulsive”), the music is quite cool, groovy, and relaxed. When asked, Daddo replied with a smile, “Due to my temperamental and somewhat volatile nature I have been called driftkikker many times but music is my remedy.”

Members & Guests
Elliott Randall (guitar), whose distinctive sound and guitar solos on Steely Dan’s Reelin’ In The Years and the motion picture Fame have entered music history.
Praful (sax, flute, and melodica), whose number one US hit Sigh from One Day Deep reached Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Top 10.
René Dissel (bass), who played with Toots Thielemans and Within Temptation.
Emil Kunto (accordion from Mala Vita), who worked with Gambit from Manu Chao and Mano Negra.
Randy Winterdal (bass), who is a frequent choice of Izaline Calister, Steve Bridgewater and Ronald Snijders.
Milos Dimitrijevic (seasoned session musician), who has played and schooled many of the Dutch greats.
Nelson Latif (cavaquinho and seven-string acoustic guitar), a Brazilian cultural ambassador.
Wes Maebe (sound engineer to Sting, Chaka Khan, The Kooks, and Roger Waters), who mastered the record.
John Kakiyai (drums) session musician worked with Glenda Peters, Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Nippy Noya, Hans v. Eijk (former Jumpin Jewels), Jim Vodegel (Vertigo).
Nenad Radosavljevic aka Ned (bass) owner of this web site (click for Ned’s bio)


Preview of “Coming of the light” (2006) by Driftkikker

At the end of June 2006 Driftkikker released the debut “Coming of the light” containing 15 tracks of unusual but pleasing blends of musical styles. This debut is being critically acclaimed as a fresh, creative, innovative, radio friendly, easy to fall in love with and forefront of fine jazz tinted music. In twining styles s.a. jazz, pop, world, trip hop, electroacoustic, funk, rock and adding punchy lyrics about daily life issues on top of that while utilizing the power of modern technology with traditional instrumentation, Driftkikker succeeds in it’s goal to create a distinctive sound. So far this sound has been discovered by people from; USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Greece, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and it’s native Netherlands.

Few Quotes:

“ I love it! It’s adventurous, contemporary, an adventure to listen to” – Elliott Randall guitar on Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ In The Years”, “Fame” and many more…

“A superb combination of styles and eras: nu jazz, ambient, funk and rock. U2 meets Incognito. We love it!” – Sandy Shore – President/Founder of Smoothjazz.com – SmoothLounge.com

Enormously interesting, totally exceptional music, entirely varied…” – Co de Kloet from NPS Studio 6 (Dutch National Radio)


dK Podcast – Episode 1-3

Hello everyone! Time has come for our first podcast, herewith you can listen to it, download it and share it. This first episode is a release of our sessions titled “Three stooges of beastie worms in a spiral movement towards the hot center of the Earth, looking for the balance in the universe”, and it is divided in 3 episodes. All of the instruments were played live during the sessions by Ned @ Bass John @ drums & control pads and Daddo @ guitar & synth.