My name is Nenad Radosavljevic – Ned and my occupation is producer/arranger/bass player/sound engineer. At the very young age, I fell in love with music. Ever since I have been actively involved with different styles of musical expressions, with intention to explore and develop my technical and emotional qualities as a musician. At a very early stage, I’ve started playing in a metal band. Later I’ve played all round in different bands with different musical styles that eventually led me to jazz (my biggest love so far). Once confronted with the freedom of expression that jazz is offering, I immediately recognized myself in it. I have performed with Onno van Swigchem, Piet Noordijk, Tasha, European Choir Foundation, Music Theater Eigenwijs, Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation and many more. In 2000/01, I worked with Thidrin (Berber cultural project) as producer, music director, recording engineer, arranger and bass player. In the meanwhile, I met Daddo, this meeting eventually led to a few short collaborations in the beginning, and as a result, we formed the Driftkikker. In 2004, I have opened my studio in Rotterdam (Silence Studio) , where we continued our cooperation.

Tanah Broadcast

It is not hard to explain the name TANAH BROADCAST; ‘Tanah’ means ‘earth’ (Malaysian). It is the earth that broadcasts.
Tanah Broadcast is a selection of musicians currently active in Holland set down the focus on the African continent. The sub-sahara music traditions are the main influence of the music created by Ferdy Karto’s (vocals and guitar) group. The former Cabubu singer, being an Indo-European with an Austronesian heritage, unites his energy with a group of kindred spirits, creating a sense-tickling vibe, injected with hip-shaking rhythms and exquisite melodies.


Producer/Singer/Songwriter Daddo is the man behind Driftkikker, a collective that’s built a strong reputation through live performances and studio productions, since 2006. Avoiding the established paths and clichés Driftkikker employs everything from futuristic electroacoustics to shrewd progressive fusions in the creation of unique brand of nu-Jazz that appeals to wide variety of inter/ national listeners, ranging from students, middle-agers, jazz fanatics and discophiles. “Cool stuff, hope to hear you guys live one day!” Benny Rietveld (Worked with Miles Davis, Santana, John Lee Hooker…) At the end of June 2006 Driftkikker released the debut “Coming of the light” containing 15 tracks of unusual but pleasing blends of musical styles. This debut is being critically acclaimed as a fresh, creative, innovative, radio friendly, easy to fall in love with and forefront of fine jazz tinted music. In twining styles s.a. jazz, pop, world, trip hop, electroacoustic, funk, rock and adding punchy lyrics about daily life issues on top of that while utilizing the power of modern technology with traditional instrumentation, Driftkikker succeeds in it’s goal to create a distinctive sound. So far this sound has been discovered by people from; USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Greece, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and it’s native Netherlands. Compared with; Fun Loving Criminals, Stereo MC’s, Jamiroquai, Massive Attack, Radiohead, K&D, Thievery Coorporation, Dream Theather, Nicola Conte, Frank Zappa, Sting, Tom Waits … (and who knows what not)

Satoshi Rei Band

Satoshi Rei Band is formed in 2006 in The Netherlands. The musical concept that S. Rei has created is a combination of her own modern compositions and traditional motives as a unique fusion of Asian and Western styles. In their approach to the improvisation where East meets West in a harmony and beauty of “traditional” and “modern”, Satoshi Rei Band is expressing the idea of a creative option to what human being have lost (or is loosing) during the process of  “modernization” of the society in its recent history. Recent line-up: Satoshi Rei (Vocal, Guitar & Yueqin) Donnie Duvall (Guitar) Nenad Radosavljevic – Ned (Bass) Ueda Hiromi (Sho)


An oase in dry periods and a heating source for frozen hearts. A continiuing process in search for understanding her self and her environment trough arts. She is a changing formation that can update her self due to creative minds and their developing creations.

Merima Kljuco

Merima Kljuco (accordeon) studied at the Music School in Sarajevo. She continued her studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory with Miny Dekkers, and at the University of Arts in Bremen (Hochschule für die Kunste Bremen), where she studied with Margit Kern achieving cum laude. She has worked internationally with many renowned ensembles, among others MusikFabrik, Gelberklang and the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. As a soloist she has performed with several orchestras, such as the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Holland Symphonia, Philharmonische Orchester Bremen and Radio Filharmonisch Orkest.
Next to contemporary music, Kljuco has broad experience as a performer in different world music ensembles. With her trio Rovame, she won first prize in the Kijkduin Gypsy Music Festival 2001 for the best interpreter. With the singer Shura Lipovsky she has participated in projects with different musicians and organizations, among others with Musicians Without Borders (MwB), international organization of which she is an active member of the Committee of Recommendation.Merima’s involvement with folk music is an enriching musical experience that brings a new dimension of interest to her work. The love of this music, and the music of Bosnia in particular, is something she seeks to share with audiences everywhere. And her success in doing so, while bringing folk and contemporary music together, is evident with every performance.

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