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New project: Tanah Broadcast

It is not hard to explain the name TANAH BROADCAST; ‘Tanah’ means ‘earth’ (Malaysian). It is the earth that broadcasts.
Tanah Broadcast is a selection of musicians currently active in Holland set down the focus on the African continent. The sub-sahara music traditions are the main influence of the music created by Ferdy Karto’s (vocals and […]

New: Education

Bass Lessons
Music Theory
Beats & Samples (Electronic Music)
Band Coaching
Rhythm Section Workshops
Home-Studio Recording
More info is coming soon!
Please, use Contact Page.

Music Is Back

Due to some tech problems, music preview was not available for some time. From now on music preview is back as usual on the “Projects” sub-pages. My apologies for inconvenience. Enjoy!

Preview of “D-Time” (2009) by Driftkikker

DRIFTKIKKER is a musical collective led by Daddo, whose iconoclastic songwriting avoids established paths and clichés. From its inception, Driftkikker has introduced a new musical style through the deft fusion of contemporary sounds with a love for jazz. Riding an experimental edge while still soothing through sound, DRIFTKIKKER’s sophomore album, D-Time, stamps this new musical […]

Driftkikker’s 2nd CD D-Time OUT NOW!!!

The final result of cooking @ Silence Studio, @ Driftkikker Productions and @ Wes Maebe’s GHQ Sonic Cuisine: Driftkikker’s 2nd CD “D-Time” is out now and available @ iTunes!!!
Daddo : Vocals / El. & Ac.Guitar / Guitar Synth / Control Pedals
Elliott Randall : El.Guitar
Praful : Saxophones / Flute/ Melodica
Rene Dissel : Fingered and Bowed Upright […]