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Apple Macintosh computer Power Mac G5 2 x 1.8 GHz (dual)

Digital HD Recorder

Digidesign Digi 002 Cross-platform Pro Tools workstation for music, sound design and multimedia production; combines a high-quality audio interface, a MIDI interface, a touch sensitive-control surface, and a stand-alone digital mixer, all in one unit.

Microphone Preamplifier

M-Audio Octane Microphone/Instrument Preamplifier Eight independent channels of studio-quality high-gain, ultra-low noise microphone preamps and A/D converter with eight channels of ADAT optical output.


Rode NT 2000: Studio condenser microphone with fully variable pickup pattern, high-pass filter and pad, optimized for vocals and other acoustic applications.

Sennheiser E 904: Cardioid microphone ideal for use with drums (toms and snares). Also suitable for miking guitar amps, percussion as well as brass and woodwind instruments.

Sennheiser E 609: Super cardioid microphone for miking guitar cabs, toms and kick drum.

Sennheiser E 604: Cardioid microphone optimized for drum sets, percussion, brass and woodwind.

AKG C 430 mics: Unidirectional condenser overhead microphone designed for miking cymbals, hi-hats and instrument miking on stage.

Superlux CMH&K: Condenser microphone with all three polar patterns (omni, cardioid & super cardioid) suitable for recording and musical instrument miking, especially for the musical instruments of medium and high frequencies.


Bass Amps: Ampeg SVT-3 PRO, Gaelien-Kruger 200 MB

Bass speakers: Avatar 4×10, Sieben Audio Design 2/12 EM


Fender Jazz Bass 5 strings, Fender Jazz Bass Special fretless, Ibanez AEQ 303 guitar


Zoom 9150 Guitar Multi Effect Processor

Roland EQ-231 62-band graphic equalizer

Boss GT-5B High-End Bass Multi-Effects Processor

The GT-6B Bass Effects Processor is Boss’s first new bass multi-effects processor in over five years. This fully professional floor-based unit offers new COSM Bass Amp Modeling with new modelled compression, plus other “must-have” effects like COSM overdrive/distortion, COSM wah and reverb/delay. There’s also a true analog bypass, plus XLR and digital outputs for recording applications – making the GT-6B the leader in high-quality multi-effects for bass.


ESI nEar 05 near field monitor speakers for delivering the pure original sound without any add on, and few pairs of different consumers loudspeakers for creating the mixes and masters in broadcasting quality.

Phonic Micro II Studio quality headphone distribution amplifier

Samson CH700 and Bayerdynamic DT 77 Reference Headphones


Tasker C-324 total shielded multipair cable (16 inputs & 4 headphone returns)