Why Silence Studio?

The word Silence is the metaphor for the marriage of musicianship and sound engineering, and it is an expression for the simultaneous application of artistic and scientific approaches from the both fields.

In the musical domain, the rests (silence) are necessary for creating clear and understandable message from the musical idea. Those rests are found before, inside, between or after musical statements (sounds). In other words, in order to strongly express your idea, you sing or play that what you hear in your mind. In addition, if you sometimes hear nothing, you may play or sing nothing. Very important part of the art of making music is making right choices between when you use sound and when you use silence.

In the domain of physics (acoustic), the sound is created by disturbance of natural equilibrium (silence) of the sound source. This sound source could be the vocal chords of a person, the music instrument (plucked string), or the vibrating diaphragm of a speaker. This disturbance is creating another disturbance of natural equilibrium (silence) of the medium, which carries the sound from its source to another location (microphone or ear). Typically, this medium is air.

If we understand the music and the sound as a sum of disturbances of natural equilibrium of the sound sources and of the transporting media, than is the art of making music as same as the art of the sound engineering, defined as the art of creating the new equilibrium within and between those vibrations. Therefore, in the Silence Studio, we are treating the sound (with instruments, microphones, equalizers, compressors, reverbs, faders etc.) the same way as we are approaching the silence in the music.